Kick-Off Meeting - 16th March 2020

Published on: Wed, 1 July 2020

Held on 16th of March 2020, 10.00 UTC via Webex Meeting. The partners' representatives talked  about their institutions in a brief summary, describing the main facilities, their profiles in Arts and their previous cooperation activities. Power Point presentations were shared with partners. Dr. Federica Tomassoni showed the overview of the project and explained the workplan: phases, work packages, expected results, deliverables and milestones. 

As the consortium is aware that the on-going lockdowns due to the Covid-19 pandemic could affect the on-field-research actions, the representatives agreed to proceed with the preparation activities for the Need Analysis Report soon after the on-field research will be complete.

Meeting Attendees

CONSAQ:  Federica Tomassoni – MUSAE Project manager, Roberta Lucrezi – Erasmus officer, Giandomenico Piermarini – Vice-Director, Carlo Crivelli – Teacher, Giorgio Nascetti – Teacher – Carla Di Lena – Teacher and Erasmus Coordinator, Marco Giordano – Teacher; 

ABAQ: Marcello Gallucci – Teacher of History of Performative Arts and Erasmus Coordinator, Silvano Managanaro – Teacher of Arts Economy

UNIVAQ : Anna Tozzi – Rector Counselor for Internationalization and Rankings

AP: Hilde Hoefnagels and Inge Simoens - International Projects Team, Dominiek Timmermans – Finance officer 

JAMK: Aila Ahonen – Teacher , Piia Kreus – Senior Lecturer, School of Business, Heikki Pusa - Project Manager and Director of Global Education Services

DAK: Nuha Koury - Vice President for Academic Affairs; Elia Qaisieh- finance officer 

PPU:  Dr. Momen Sughayyer ; Heba Alswaitti; Ashraf Odeh

BZU: Dr. Tina Sherwell - Head of The Contemporary Visual Art Program

NIFAD: Feruza Abidjanova – Professor, Fazilat Kodirova - Head of International Office

TTPU: Farhod Abdullayev - Dean of the General Technical Department

ISAJC: Dr. Hanem Makni – Dean ISAJC

ISAMS: Mrs. Ikbel Charfi - Project Coordinator, Mr. Amir Ayadi - Director ISAMS and Training Manager, Mrs. Naoufel Zribi Benali - Administrative Staff