Project Objectives

With a partnership from countries with both poor and good  performance, MUSAE will focus on these main objectives:

1. to professionalize Higher Education  in a variety of knowledge-based creative fields focusing on three macro-areas  (Music, Visual Arts, Cinema, Performing Arts) and their interactions in PS, TN and UZ through the design of new Modules aiming to provide the future artists with entrepreneurial and interdisciplinary skills

2. to prepare future artists  in PS, TN and UZ in order to enhance in a more effective way their (self) employability and the capacity to access the Creative Economy

3. to develop community based campaigns and programs to raise awareness on the value of art education, its relations to sustainable development and future employability

4. A thorough examination of the curricula and the different modules taught (theoretical and practical) at the different higher education art institutes by discipline

5. The empowerment of staff, administration and teachers working in the field of higher education.

6. To engage the arts students (and teachers) in the local, regional and international art scene through internships, exchange programs and joint projects