P01 - Conservatorio di Musica “Alfredo Casella” - CONSAQ

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Conservatorio Statale di Musica "Alfredo Casella" - ITALY
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Definition of the Institution

Conservatorio di Musica “Alfredo Casella” – ConsAQ - is a state Conservatory providing music education. It is located in L’Aquila, capital of Abruzzo region, in the center of Italy, 100 km east of Rome. As a Higher Educational Institution it offers Bachelor and Master courses (EQF 6 and 7). Beside undergraduate courses, it provides also youth and adult music education. Studies at the Conservatory are organised in accordance with the recommendations of the Bologna Process of the European Higher Education Area. The Conservatory of L’Aquila makes an important contribution to the local cultural life: as an event centre it conveys cultural values in the form of public artistic and academic activities, which provide an impulse for the growth of awareness of the importance of artistic reflection, supporting the development and valorisation of the arts as they are dealt with in society and everyday life. Through master classes and workshops, students hone their musical skills by working directly with leading artistic personalities. In its fifty-year history, ConsAQ has fulfilled the intentions of its founders, whose gaze was projected to the future. Nowadays, the faculty staff of the Conservatory consists of more than 150 professors and 10 departments: String Instruments; Wind Instruments; Chamber Music; Vocal Arts and Musical Theater; Piano, keyboard instruments and Percussion; Historical Performance of Ancient Music; Theory, Composition and Orchestral Conducting; Contemporary Music; Electronic, digital and other new music technologies; Jazz Music. The Conservatory also has a Music Therapy master course, in cooperation with the department of Life, Health and Environmental Sciences of the University of L’Aquila. The Jazz department has a consolidated tradition. The Composition course (Classic Composition and Electronic Music) is particularly important and has an illustrious history. Since some years, the course in Composition for the image - cinema - has an important impact too.
The role of the partner in the MUSAE project 
ConsAQ is the consortium coordinator. As general coordinator of project activities, ConsAQ participates to all the implementation phases and to all the activities, and is the responsible of the general financial management. It is in charge of issuing reports and documentation of the Project. ConsAQ, as grant holder, has the responsibility of financial and procedural issues, i.e.: • controls and monitors the financial activities; • is the main interlocutor of CE and EACEA authorities; • ensures the budget transfer to the partners according to the agreed methodologies; • participates to international meetings of project Steering Committee, and contributes to the organisation of quality control of peer review and of the external evaluator as well to the organisation of the kick off meeting and last Steering Committee meeting. As all the partners ConsAQ will: • contribute to the preparation of the documents, reports of the official meetings, teaching materials etc.; • identify the local team for the implementation of the activities and fullfilment of tasks as well as the administrative responsibles; • provide the documentation for carrying on the quality assessment.