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Palestine Polytechnic University - PALESTINE

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Definition of the Institution 

Palestine Polytechnic University (PPU) is one of the main universities in Palestine that grants academic and vocational degrees in engineering and technology in addition to lifelong learning and technical and technological consultations using the latest technologies and best practices in all fields.

PPU was created in 1978 by the University Graduates Union (UGU) a local charity that provides educational services, it is affiliated to the Palestinian University Presidents Council, International Association.

PPU includes the faculties of Engineering and Technology, Applied Sciences, Administrative, Information Technology and Computer Engineering, and Applied Professions, it is considered to be a medium sized university with 60 academic programs and more than (6,500) students.

In addition to academic programs, PPU is a leading institution for vocational and technical education with a specialized College for associate degree programs (Applied Professions) that provides more than 20 high quality labor market demanded programs. In addition, PPU provides one-year professional diploma degrees to students in more than 15 technical, administrative and occupational programs through the Continuing Education Department, and a numerous technical and vocational short term  training programs through its various faculties and departments.

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