P09 - The University of Sfax - USF

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University of Sfax - Higher institute of arts and crafts - TUNISIA


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The role of the partner in the MUSAE project 

The contribution of ISAMS focuses on development of a coherent training program for learning creative process for entrepreneurship based on design and financial and economic-engineering methods intended for the consortium members from the Partner countries. The training program is followed by competition between Partner student’s by creating co-working team from different artistic specialities (visual arts, design, new technologies of multimedia, music, theatre, …) to create Start-up based-art. It will be on managed by ISAMS's with the collaboration of other local cultural and economic actors, fostering the application of the newly acquired skills and highlighting the advantages of interdisciplinarity. These workshops will be closed by a workshop of vaporization and popularization of all skills and best practices.


Website: http://www.isams.rnu.tn/fra/pages/256/musae

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/MUSAE-Tunisia-Erasmus-101096401883555/