WP1 – Data Collection and Analysis

In the framework of the first project Work Package, each Partner Country Institution carried out an on-field research among three target groups: academic governance, teaching staff and students.

The research is aimed at understanding the role of artistic education in the related higher education system, investigating the success rate of students graduated in the field of Music, Arts and Design, focalising weakness and opportunities of existing curricula, training and teaching methods. The general aim of the research has been the collection of quantitative and qualitative data useful for the development of new curricula or for the updating of existing courses, by providing additional competencies on Enrepreneurship and Economics.

The research has been coordinated by the Academy of Fine Art of L'Aquila (ABAQ, Italy) and has been conducted onfield by local working groups beetween September and October 2020, by using four anonymous online-surveys:

- Survey 1 : Legal Framework, addressed to accademic governance and teachers involved in MUSAE project and aimed at collecting specific information about each national higher education system in the field of Music, Arts and Design

- Survey 2:  Analysis of the Institutes, addressed to teaching staff inolvoved in MUSAE project as well as in similar projects, aimed at describing the existing academic offers as well as at understanding which are the prevalent job opportunities for graduated students in the field of Music, Arts and Design

- Survey 3: Teaching Staff, addressed to the whole teaching staff and aimed at describing teachers’ profile, c.v. and professional careers, so that it will be possible to better understand and outline the frame of educational competences

- Survey 4: Students, addressed to students from different courses and with different academic profiles, and aimed at obtaining an assessment of the Institution and existing academic offers, a self-analysis of own motivation, gaps or potentialities in the competences and resources provided, expectations and initiatives related to the own professional development.

The Data collected has been processed and analyzed on November 2020 and resumed into 8 Local Reports. Beside the above surveys, a fifth questionnaire drafted by European project partners and adrressed to stakeholders and economic actors of the cultural sector is currently under delivery in each partner country.

This Need analysis and its conclusions constitute the necessary premises for the joint draft of the Learning Outcomes of the renewed courses and courricula (scheduled on February 2021).

All findings and insights will be collected and resumed in a Final Report that will be published on March 2021.

Implementation Timeframe

M1- M14

  • Lead Organization

ABAQ (IT) and BZU (PS)

  • Deliverables/results/outcomes

WP1.1: 8 Local Reports (available here) and 3 National Reports, as a comprehensive analysis of the partner institutions academic as weel as of the needs by the job matrket

WP1.2: A Final Report (MUSAE Strategy) defining new profiles and related Learning Outcomes