WP7 - Management of the project

  • Tasks

ConsAQ, as Grant holder, has the responsibility of financial and procedural issues, i.e., it:

  • controls and monitors financial activities;
  • is the main interlocutor of CE and EACEA authorities;
  • ensure the budget transfer to the partners according to the agreed methodologies;
  • participate to international meetings of project SC, and contribute to the organisation of quality control of peer review and of the external evaluator.

All the partners:

  • contribute to the preparation of the documents, reports of the official meetings, teaching materials etc.;
  • identify the local team for the implementation of the activities and fullfilment of tasks as well as the administrative responsibles;
  • provide the documentation for carrying on the quality assessment.

The admistrative staff appointed for the project is in touch for printing and inserting in the web site the agreed documentation.The SC  members are in touch continuously by e-mail and telephone but the main decisions are taken in the envisaged SC meetings (number of votes counts).


  • Implementation Timeframe


  • Lead Organization

ConsAQ (IT)

  • Deliverables/results/outcomes

Project management: financial flows and coordination, Narrative and financial reports

Project meetings organisation